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How it works: The Lendtable 3-Step™
Max out your benefits
We help you calculate how much you need to contribute to get your full employer match, and give you the money to replace your monthly contributions.
Keep more money in your pocket
You pay us $10 a month to use our service. Use your extra money however you want. Pay your bills, student loans, or medical expenses. Start a rainy day fund or take a vacation.
Profit share to pay your balance
When you leave your employer or stop using our service, pay us back the amount we lent you and a percentage of the profit we helped you earn (20% for 401k, 35% for ESPP). Lendtable is the loan that makes you money!
See why Fortune 500 employees nationwide trust Lendtable.

It’s never too late to build long-term wealth for future you.

Every year, Americans miss out on more than $24 billion in benefits because they're not getting their full employer match. Don't be one of them.

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Lendtable's profit-share model

Here's how Lendtable works with a 401(k) match.

Lendtable's share
You Keep
We give you a cash advance, not a loan. Here’s why:
No compound interest like credit cards, banks, or lenders
We never require credit checks
With our profit-share model (emphasis on the profit), you'll never end up in the red.

Building wealth is hard. We know how to help.

Saving for retirement is a journey. We're here to lend a hand, every step of the way.

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Upload your company, salary, paystub, and match policy.
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Our team verifies your uploads and approves you for Lendtable cash.
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Get Lendtable Cash™
We send direct deposits to replace the 401(k) or ESPP contributions you make to get your full match.
1-3 years
Pay Your Balance
Withdraw the principal cash advance and a small fraction of the match profits to pay your Lendtable balance.

Hear from our customers:

Max out benefits, keep monthly income the same.

Lendtable replaces the income you contribute to your 401(k) or ESPP, so you can keep your monthly income the same while taking advantage of your match policies.
Max out your employee benefits
Maintain your income level
Get retirement planning on track

Life is complicated. Make retirement simple.

Lendtable supplements your monthly income with the money you put toward your employee benefits. More benefits for you with less budgeting!
   401(k) Setup Assistance
   ESPP Setup Assistance
   Clear Financing Terms
   Straightforward Deposits
   Easy Repayment

It's never too late.

Accelerate your long-term wealth on autopilot.

We can approve your completed application in the time it takes to make a cup of coffee. Get started now.

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