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Lendtable gives you cash to get your full employee benefits. Save, invest, and grow your long-term wealth while you sleep.

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Trusted by Fortune 500 employees nationwide

It’s never too late to build long-term wealth for future you.

Thousands of people leave $1000s of benefits on the table every year, and it adds up. Don’t be one of them.

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Average Lendtable Cash
Our users get an average of six thousand dollars a year to put toward their benefits.
Companies served
We have helped employees in over 150 of America’s top companies max out their benefits.
Our U.S. based support staff is available 24/7 in order to assist you in maxing out your benefits.
Benefits given out
We have given out over $3.1 million dollars to help people build wealth.
No tricks or gimmicks
Get your full employer match
We give you monthly cash payments so you can get your full company match or benefits.
Enjoy a larger paycheck
Now you can pay off loans, rent, or invest in stocks, ETFs, or more. Whatever floats your boat - maybe you can even buy one!
Profit split with Lendtable
When your match vests, pay us back the principal and a small fraction of the match profit. We only win when you win.
No tricks or gimmicks

We make it simple for you to max out your benefits.

No more wondering if you can afford to begin saving for retirement. We will calculate how much you need to reach your full employer match and help you make the contribution.

how much will I take home?

Here's how Lendtable works with a 401(k) match.

Government Taxes
0% - 10% withdrawal fee
Lendtable’s Share
10% - 20% of the employer match
You Keep
70% - 90% of the match
We give you a cash advance, not a loan. Here’s why:
No compound interest like credit cards, banks, or lenders
We never check your credit reports
You can’t lose. In all possible scenarios your assets are never net negative using Lendtable!

Save for retirement and keep money in your pocket.

Get started faster than you can say “401(k) match.”

3 mins
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Let us know your company, salary and match policy.
1 hour
Our agents will review your documents and approve you for Lendtable Cash.
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Get Your Match
We will send you money to put toward your company’s match program.
1-3 years
Pay Us Back
Once your employer has matched your contribution, you withdraw our portion and profit split your employer’s match with us!

What our users are saying:

Max out benefits, keep monthly income the same.

Lendtable allows you to max out your employer’s 401(k) and ESPP match programs while keeping your monthly income the same so you can keep paying your bills while taking advantage of your match policies.
Get retirement planning on track
Max out your employee benefits
Maintain your income level

Get money to put into your 401(k) or ESPP. No tricks or gimmicks.

Lendtable supplements your monthly income with the money you put toward your employee benefits. More benefits for you with less budgeting!
   401(k) Setup Assistance
   ESPP Setup Assistance
   Clear Financing Terms
   Straightforward Deposits
   Easy Repayment
It’s never too late

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Get started in a few easy steps and get the most out of what your company has to offer.
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