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Our mission is to make it as hard as possible to mess up your personal finances. We want to make it so everyone can retire at 60 by helping them build generational wealth regardless of socio-economic background (race, gender, income, family).

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Founding Story

Mitchell and Sheridan both grew up in low-income black communities on food stamps. They got to witness first hand how difficult it can be to save for retirement. They saw their parents make the impossible decision between saving for retirement and paying their mortgage or buying food.

After their experiences working at Goldman Sachs and Facebook, they realized how amazing personal finance could be… They were helping millionaires become billionaires but were frustrated that none of the people they were helping were from their communities.

That’s when they started looking into 401k matches and Employee Benefits. On its face, it’s a no-brainer. Companies are telling their employees “if you give me $1,000, I’ll give you back $2,000”. It’s a deal that almost sounds too good to be true. That’s the thing though, for 25% of Americans, it is too good to be true. They can’t afford to take $1,000 out of their paycheck, even if it means that they’ll have $2,000 in a year.

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So their idea was simple, they would provide anyone who had an ESPP or 401k match with enough money to get the full contribution. No more would people be unable to save for retirement because of a lack of liquidity.

They knew that if someone started using their $3,000 401k match at age 20, by the time they were 60 they’d have over a million dollars. So they set out on the mission of helping EVERYONE become a millionaire, regardless of their income level.

Why we care

Nearly ½ of families have no retirement account savings at all.

High-income families are 7 times as likely to have retirement account savings as low-income families.

Over of black and Hispanic families have no retirement account savings[1].

[1] https://www.epi.org/publication/the-state-of-american-retirement-savings/

Who we want on our team

Are you interested in joining Lendtable in closing the financial gap amongst women and minorities? We're hiring!

Please reach out to us at hiring@lendtable.com with your resume or apply on our Careers page.